Satori Saga To The Hell’s Gate

-By Power of Pen


The one who doesn’t wander doesn’t attain enlightenment. This quote has ignited a dynamic soul undergo an adventure which is the first of its kind and has never been done by an Indian.

Sai Teja Peddineni – An Extreme Adventurer, a philosopher and a dreamer has always looked for things he can do that no has before him. This zeal for extreme adventure and the need to look for something new drove him to one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia which is located in Halmahera Island. This volcano has been active since 1933 and is surrounded by compound craters that emit smoke continuously. What makes the journey more dangerous are the volcano bombs which can go off at any time causing serious injuries or even death.


This journey to the gates of hell began on 29th of March from Hyderabad.

The reason behind choosing this particular volcano is that it is situated in a very remote location and is one of the highly active volcanoes in the world. One mistake, one slip and you roll down into the active volcano where the temperature is 600 degrees and while many have tried to collect data and samples, all have failed because of the danger this area poses.


The volcano in itself is a danger but the path leading to it no less. This area is home to some of the deadliest and most poisonous snakes found in nature and makes this entire expedition a game of life and death.

Sai Teja, from a young age has been motivated to do things others believed to be difficult. He dropped out of engineering after his first year and became a security consultant for intelligence agencies. He is a hard core patriot and an extremist willing to risk things to find himself.


Where will this journey lead to?
Satori…… The Saga continues……


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