Books to Carry Along if You are Going on a Trip to Mountains

Books to carry along if you going on trip

Mountains are synonymous to scenic marvels of nature, a feeling of enchantment amidst adventure and a serene course of self discovery. Yes, and due to such wonderful feelings attached to mountain trips, travel enthusiasts are often attracted to mountains. If you have a penchant for reading then that would be an added advantage. Because following are a series of good reads to stoke your wanderlust:


  1. A Book of Simple Living: Brief Notes from the Hills, Ruskin Bond

simple living

The best stories of mountain and valleys undoubtedly come from our very own Ruskin Bond. While the author has stationed himself in Mussourie- the queen of hill stations, for a considerable time; he has been just to his readers in providing vivid narrations of simple stories based upon valleys and hills. A Book of Simple Living: Brief Notes from the Hills is one of Bond’s collections of personal narratives of the beautiful journey through the mountains of Northern India.


  1. The Room on the Roof and Vagrants in the Valley, Ruskin Bond


The Room on the Roof is Bond’s debut and the Vagrants in the Valley is its sequel. The tales of these two stories are put in the backdrop of the foothill regions and the beautiful valleys bordered by rivers streaming down the hill side. If you share a zest of Ian Wright, and are one among those who are passionate about vagabond travels; then this book is perfect for your choice.


  1. Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra, Ruskin Bond


The collection of 14 stories that move from Bond’s childhood to maturity are very touching and warm. Bond has used his unique simple narrative style that creates beautiful imageries of the hill side life and also point to the dangers that lurk to these, with rampant urbanization and deforestation.


  1. Rain in the mountains- Notes from Himalayas, Ruskin Bond


This beautiful book captures Bond’s glimpses of the mountains of Mussourie in a series of vignettes, poems, essays and stories. Bond shows us how the Nature of the mountain intermingles with his life events, and stand witness to the ups and downs of his own life.


  1. Great Himalaya Trail: 1,700 kilometres across the roof of the world, Gerda Pauler


This book tells the account of Gerda Pauler across Nepal as she travels one of the challenging mountainous routes of the world. Her travel has a purpose- to raise awareness about autism in Nepal. Pauler takes the reader through her thrilling journey and the nuanced lifestyle of hilly hamlets, their culture and barriers, while overcoming the hurdles of her own pursuit.


  1. Footlose in the Himalaya, Bill Aitken


Aitken churns a story of an enervating journey across prominent pilgrim centres like Rishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath and Gangotri, of the Himalayas. Aitken’s story is curious as he writes down his encounters with the ascetics and the feeling of sanctity that is associated with the holy places of the mountains. He comes across the spiritual flavours that are strongly associated with the Himalayas and even pursues his own spiritual journey while unraveling the potent power of these great mountains that have attracted the hearts of men over ages.


  1. A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, Eric Newby


This book is deemed as one of the best travel writings of all time. Newby and his companion Hugh Carless are not seasoned trekkers. Yet they undergo an improbable adventurous experience travelling from London to the heights of Hindu Kush. The charm of this book is Newby’s witty style of narration, imbibing fun in moments of the dangerous journey.


So here we have a collection of beautiful books for mountain lovers. You can pick any one for the next time you go for your hilly sojourns. If you are the tourist category who prefer to sink into the hillside life, then Ruskin Bond has enough books to engage you. If you are more of a trekker kind, then go for Pauler, Aitken and Newby types.


Abhishikta Dutta

Team StoryMirror


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