Ever Wondered How to Write a Novel in 15 Days?

ever wondered how to

Sometimes it’s a lone writer who’s been putting off a story idea for too long, and decides it’s now or never. Sometimes it’s a pair or a group determined to find out what they can achieve by sharing self-imposed deadlines and strong pots of coffee. Only crazy Homo sapiens might be able to achieve such a goliath task successfully.

To write novel in 15 days, one needs to be fueled with all sorts of motivation.

Want to know how to get the right set to complete this humungous task?

  1. Embrace a new mindset.

You have to get it straight. It isn’t an easy task to write a novel, let alone a perfect novel within 15 days. One needs to be focused, free of all other thoughts and literally, be the characters in your novel.

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

  1. Answer yes.

Before you jump in, think about it long and hard. Do you want to spend hours sitting in front of your computer? Do you want to have characters and plot twists swirling around in your head at every turn? Do you want the daunting task of placing the perfect words in each and every sentence? Do you, at times, want to smash your head against your keyboard? If your answer is yes, and not a mousy yes, but a standing-on-the-couch-Tom-Cruise yes, then maybe you’re just crazy enough to write a novel in a month.

  1. Plan to make sense.

The plan is simple: Plan ahead and outline. It’s possible to write a novel in 15 days, but what is really difficult is having a finished product that really makes any sense. When you’re in the heat of the moment trying to crank out thousands of words every day, it is very easy to get off track. That is where your planning and your outline can save you.

  1. Just start—and keep going.

If you have an idea in mind, it helps. Otherwise, pick it out of the air and start writing. The key is to keep writing and let everything else fall on its own.

Get those words onto your page and count them each day. And kick that painstaking editor out of your head. To hell with spelling, punctuation, the precise word, the perfect reference. What you need right now is the story and nothing but the story, no matter how messy or unorganized.

  1. End a writing session only when you know what’s next.

At the end of a writing stretch, stop before the ideas run out. Write a sentence or two about what happens next. Next time when you sit back to resume writing, you already know where the story is headed. So, you don’t need to start thinking from scratch.

  1. Find your rhythm. Learn as you go.

It helps to have a general idea of your story and characters before you begin, but once the clock starts, get cracking! Don’t fret over word choice or character names. Don’t reread and edit. Find your rhythm, like In army, one, two, one, two, one …..

You can fix it when you sit down with a smile to read your completed draft later. Complete writing the draft and then think of making it a complete novel.

  1. Tap into a network.

It’s good to share with others who have the same goals as you.Our competitive streaks help us shine. Maybe, the competitive warrior in you gives you the extra energy to complete your novel.

  1. Work ahead.

The trick is getting extra words in the bank early. Things always pop up as days go by. You will also be more burnt out by the end of this period, meaning that both the quality and quantity of your writing may suffer.

      9.  Collaborate.

Having each other as an audience keeps us going, and wanting to be able to share it with others kept us going fast.Find someone to work with as a first audience even if you aren’t collaborating, and don’t tell anyone but your partner about it until that draft is done. Sharing it with others is your reward for the work.

  1. Know that the end, really marks the beginning.


So when the end is near, you might feel what was this worth?

Here is the truth…

It may not mean much to people who don’t have a passion for novel writing but for people like us who have managed to write a novel in 15 days, it’s just a start of something new and quite interesting.

Remember that you will have a complete novel, maybe not a perfect one, but at least a complete novel ready!

So this is it. Start writing and go bonkers!


“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”


Samay Salunke

Team StoryMirror



2 thoughts on “Ever Wondered How to Write a Novel in 15 Days?

  1. I suppose one also has to take into account jobs, family, small children, dishes, laundry, the dog, the in-laws, bills, sleep and chores before thinking 15 days is manageable. Keep the perspective that you are NOT a failure if it takes you 15 years as long as you enjoy the journey. No sense killing yourself and stressing yourself out for a deadline that’s only going to make you produce sub-par material.


    • That’s right, Carrie. The post is for experimental writing. Writing should ought to be fluid and purpose should ought to be based on the theme, and not the deadline of completing a book in 15 days.


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