How to Raise Your Confidence by Watching Movies

how to raise your confidence

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.”– Oprah Winfrey.

It takes very little for us to have a bad mood.  To get demotivated in life, to feel so low that we lose all self-confidence. In 21st century, competition has got all of us running for success but in fear. We are afraid to fail, to risk ourselves for something we want to achieve. And if along the way we do fail, our confidence takes a huge hit.

Let’s find a solution to this because face it, it is great to live life with self-confidence.


Don’t we all love movies? I bet we have spent many weekends watching movies at the theaters. Popcorns in our hands, eyes secure on the wide screen, mind all focused and accompanied by friends. We humans perceive and understand more from what we see and less from what we hear.


Every movie is unique in itself. It has a message of its own and a new story each one of us can cherish. Somewhere we connect our lives with them, the characters feel so real that one feels we are right there amidst the busy street just standing there feeling every emotion the character is conveying.They motivate me a lot more than a lecture in a class or anywhere else. If you have interest in movies, you should definitely watch at least once a week. I used to watch them even during my exams.

Sometimes it is good to rain check on outing plans and sit back and relax with any random movies. You feel at rest and, if the movie is mind-blowing, you are sure to have a blast.

It is very important to watch them with interest. Of course every person has a different taste, if you are not sure about them, go for the rating before watching them. It feels rejuvenating to watch a movie which you have seen months or years ago, such movies never fail to motivate us in the same way it did before.

Here are some recommendations, just in case you get too lazy:


Business Learning:

It’s Wonderful life, Wall Street, Tucker, 21, The Internship, Jobs, Blood Diamond, Citizen Cane, The Insider, Office space.


Forrest Gump, Pursuit of happyness (Yes that is the correct spelling), Freedom Writers, Never Back Down (action), 127 Hours, Top Gun, The Shawshank Redemption, A Beautiful Mind.



Samay Salunke

Team StoryMirror


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