Underrated Novels You Ought to Read

underrated novels

Some pens are so utterly enchanting that their charm can tempt even the coldest of cynics. The books below are out of this league. They are special in their own ways. These are the ones that slipped under the radar; the ones that keep getting left behind on the shelves. These are the books that, for some reason, nobody seems to want to read. And the worst part is: These books are all really good.

They just need to be dusted and picked up without judging.


Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger


The Time Traveler’s Wife had everyone hooked, but Audrey Niffenegger’s second novel managed to slip under the radar. I’m not sure why; this supernatural love story is every bit as enchanting as her time-hopping debut. This book is well worth reading BUT you really need to suspend disbelief and just go with the really wild premise. This is part love story, part ghost story, maybe even a little Sci Fi; suspenseful, surprising, and beautifully written.


The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall


In this wonderfully weird novel, Eric Sanderson is being chased by a “conceptual” shark, which is trying to erase his sense of self. He’s already lost all his memories, and his psychiatrist thinks he’s suffering from amnesia, but a series of clues from his pre-amnesiac self suggest something far more sinister is afoot.


Adverbs by Daniel Handler


You may not recognize the name Daniel Handler, but “Lemony Snicket” will definitely ring a bell. Handler’s 13-part, darkly humorous A Series of Unfortunate Events may be his most successful work, but it’s definitely not the strangest thing he’s written. By the time you finish Adverbs, a collection of intertwined short stories on the theme of love, you’ll have laughed until you cried, but you’ll still have no idea who any of the characters are.


A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott

fatal love

It’s one of those sensational, enlightenment-style, angsty romance adventure novels that keeps you going until the very end. I’ve read a few different places that those sorts of stories were Alcott’s passion, but The Little Women series is what paid the bills.


Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah


The relationship between best friends is very complex but always special. This book takes you through the lives of two women and shows how, when things get tough, sometimes all you want is your best friend by your side.


Samay Salunke

Team StoryMirror




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