If I Went on a Date with my Favourite Writer Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie final01

Agatha Christie, the queen of crime, as she is so fondly called has been my favourite writer since I developed an early taste in reading. With reading came the wonder associated with mystery books. I started out with the Hardy boys and others till I finally came into the treasure trove of the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie. Since I am female myself, I doubt that it would technically be called a “date”, in the literal sense of the word, but if I got a chance to accompany my favourite writer to dinner, I would obviously be thrilled. I would love to pick her brains regarding the origins of my favourite case-solver in her series of novels- Miss Marple.


I like to think she will have a personality like that of Miss Marple, just gives me a warm satisfaction to think of her as the same smiling innocent looking woman who can see through everyone and everything in seconds. And of course, who can forget Hercule Poirot, the Frenchman, doubling as a policeman and detective. I always imagined Hercule Poirot to be this cute, round man with a small curled up moustache. Now that I think of it, I feel when I am on this dinner “date” with the writer whose beautiful mind created them all, I would, in a way, be having dinner with all of the characters she created. The characters who have been applauded for their brains and their wit and to think there is only one person behind it all; the murders, the plotting, the hallucinations, the confusions and, at last, the solution.

I would make a true fool of myself in front of her when I tell her; I can barely write 300 words in an article when she has brought out book after book and play after play with amazing plot twists which surprised us every time we read them. Then I feel the dinner conversation would just go by as I pick her brains and she tells me her secret to her beautiful blossoming creativity. As we part, I would surely not forget to take her signature, an autograph, rather, to remember this day by. Sounds like quite a romantic reverie there, if only it would come true!


Neha Tanwar

Team StoryMirror


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