Fairy Tales Can Be Disturbing For Your Children

Fairy Tales Can Be Disturbing For Your Children5

Growing up, fairy tales have been an integral part of every one’s childhood. While most fairy tales begin with “a prince and a damsel in distress” and end with a “happily ever after”, there are some fairy tales which do not quite follow the norm. Fairy tales which have nothing fairy-like about them and instead, are filled with gore, blood and some really disturbing phenomena. Here are five disturbing fairy tales that you would not want to probably expose children to:

The Little Mermaid: Yes, keeping aside what our beloved Disney has peddled to the masses, the little mermaid does not end happily. It ends with the mermaid contemplating the prince’s murder after he marries another and then drowning herself in the sea, not so ideal a love story now, is it?
Fairy Tales Can Be Disturbing For Your Children
Bianca Bella and the Snake: Involving a snake entering a woman’s womb and making her pregnant, to cutting off of hands and tearing out eyes to the end where the villains are burnt alive in a furnace, the story although a little happy at the end consists of gore and disturbing images.
Fairy Tales Can Be Disturbing For Your Children1
Doralice: An incestuous father who wants to marry his own daughter and so, the daughter runs away from him only to be discovered by a king, who marries her. The evil father somehow finds his daughter out but is in disguise so is not recognised by the daughter and slaughters her two children. The queen is blamed and left to be eaten by worms while buried in the ground alive. The story ends presumably happy but is accompanied by a lot of disturbing images and innuendos of incest and slaughter and torture.
Fairy Tales Can Be Disturbing For Your Children2
Pinocchio: In the original story, Pinocchio does not live happily, instead he is arrested by the police after he runs away and the police assuming Geppeto has abused him, imprison the puppet maker. Pinocchio then goes on to kill the wise talking cricket and ultimate is hanged and suffocates to death.
Fairy Tales Can Be Disturbing For Your Children4
Snow White: The story of snow white does not end with the marriage but rather with the queen unknowingly coming into the wedding and made to dance in shoes brought hot from the stove until she dies.
Fairy Tales Can Be Disturbing For Your Children3
There are stories which have a happy ending and then there are those which are nightmarishly disturbing. I am sure, Disney would not like to meddle in some of them.

Neha Tanwar
Team StoryMirror


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