Must Read Anthologies This Season

Short stories are becoming popular, as readers are turning to this ‘short and sweet’ form of fiction increasingly often now. We bring you collections of short stories from some of the most prolific writers around the globe.

  1. Vintage Munro


An innate simplicity is omnipresent in Alice Munro‘s tales. Cited as a ‘master of the short story’ this Canadian born writer is a Nobel laureate of literature. This fact itself is enough to attract readers, by the hordes. An ideal anthology from this beautiful writer would be Vintage Munro, or even Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You.

  1. Tenth Of December


Dark humor is filled in copious amounts in this George Saunders’s collection of short stories. Intense and charming characters busy with their own lives filled with reminiscences, internal monologues and fear. In these tales, a young girl gets kidnapped, a father recollects tales about a tall pole in his backyard and so on.

  1. Interpreter Of Maladies


Jhumpa Lahiri is one of the most talented writers to emerge from the Indian literature scene.  A collection of nine short stories, it features the immigrant Indian Americans facing the time-old dilemma of being at crossheads between the new culture they have inherited and the one that they have left behind. In the title story, an Indian American couple visits their homeland, and we slowly come to discover their alienation from each other and their native land, as well as the cause behind it.

  1. Anton Chekhov


Anton Chekhov is considered to be the founders of the short story, though he was popular more as a playwright of his time. His style was very original and path-breaking; his brief but truthful depictions of the period were noted to break the stereotype. Termed as impressionistic, he often used words to create imagery. Some of his well known works are ‘The Lady with the Little Dog‘ and ‘The Huntsman‘.

  1. This Isn’t the Sort of Thing That Happens to Someone Like You


Jon McGregor is one of the most electrifying writers ever born. Page after page of riveting, unputdownable genius, the central theme of his stories is that anything can happen to anyone at any place and anytime. The stories in this particular book involve people stuck up in unimaginable scenarios. A man builds a tree-house to combat an expected flood, a boy sets a barn on fire and so on.


Mihir Golatkar

Team StoryMirror




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