How to write a good story- Inspiration IV

Blog Inspiration 4

To get inspired by reading and writing exercises: Read and write or write and read it again are two exercises which go hand in hand and one cannot be separated from the other.

Reading is one thing for any writer to be addicted to. For a writer to evolve, enhance and develop his own writing style I think he/she must look and understand different writers and their work. To be a good story writer you must read different genres of short stories, short essays and most important reading should be consistent as this is what I do for my skills development.

And don’t be biased in reading a specific age. Read both the contemporaries and classics. Relate them even compare them and bring out the difference in language, styles of writing and to go beyond try and understand the social, political and economical conditions of that age.

This will positively assist you in your writing and inspire you in every way possible. If I talk about writing exercises then to narrate what you just read in your own words and scribble the whole on a sheet of paper is beginning step to attain writing skills. As it is said “writer has written his best. What can you make out of it to revive the interest?”

For any budding writers some exercises are mentioned below:

  • Any writer can start with a daily warm up writing exercise for 10-15 minutes to get the mind working. Even if you don’t have any ideas still write down whatever comes into your head even if it isn’t relevant. This will help you in the long journey.
  • Begin your story with any attractive or catchy line such as: “I opened the door and found her dead” or “I’ve never shared my darkest secrets with anyone but it’s time now when I’m leaving forever”.
  •  You can even try another exercise where you see an ordinary field and think like: “one day a girl found a dead body in the field”. Then try expressing the whole scene from the girl’s point of view. Change the scene with character and this will help you build characters for your story.
  • Even try and build an argument between characters. And the topic should be totally senseless. Try and form dialogues in different scenes such as one very serious and other being funny.
  • Then try and surprise your own self with a character.  First portray that character soft, easy then eventually reveal him as most cruel. Remember the more conviction you show in creating a character the same interest will be shared by your audience.These are certain exercises which help me and I comply to share it with others. I remember from my childhood. One of the very famous story “The Portrait of a lady” by one of my favorite author Late Khuswant Singh.  The beauty with which he portrayed the character of that old lady and her grandson and the scenes of village then city makes me mesmerize it somewhere. One can relate to those events closely and towards the end when grandmother dies leaving the crows and her grandson.
    The conviction in it and its relation to every one of us definitely gives us goose bumps. Read such stories and try to relate the whole work with other.It is just reading and expressing which will help any writer to learn and eventually grow as an individual story writer. This will further help you to understand your own writing style and genre, one of the most difficult but desired objective for any writer.


-Aman Verma


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