How to write a good story- #Inspiration III


Blog Inspiration 3

Inspiration runs parallel to us like a constant companion. In order to begin something there should be that zeal in you which provokes you to do it. For me, inspiration is the most effective tool or a catalyst to use and step further in the process.

As I’ve stated earlier that for a writer inspiration is the most crucial tool. To comprehend in my words “it is an axe to cut down every single hi

ndrance for doing my part in a day”.

I have already included some topics under this heading. So to move further you can also get inspired by Story you have heard or listened to specifically:

Ever since our childhood we have heard number of stories narrated by our parents, sisters, brothers and the most by grandma and grandpa. Short Stories like

one of a devil who lived in a cave or, a boy who always helped everyone. Other than this there are stories from real experiences. Like one I remember from my childhood where my grandmother loved a pet so much. Pet’s name was ‘raja’ and it remained always by her side.

The day it died my grandma got deeply wounded and since then she never loved pets. A good writer can always use his/her imagination to mold these stories. Again the ‘what if’ situation where you must promptly think of situations for example, try to imagine what it was like to grow up in some different time with same situation?

Research is another important aspect which is to be done regularly by any writer. Some other points are mentioned which will help any writer to enhance their skills:

  • There are many instances when your friends would bring up any story as “you won’t believe what happened last weekend”. You must pay attention because might be the title for the story is hidden in that.
  • Story could come from some weird place as well or anything which passes your eyes everyday but left un-noticed.
  • You can even get inspiration from autobiographies or biographies of great writers/figures. This will surely help you relate the different experiences and on the whole as well.

Surely, these points would inspire any writer. And after this if you are still waiting for something then I would say that story won’t come to you. Neither the story will flow into your mind when you sleep. You have to work for it to achieve. Because, “the ball won’t roll by itself”.

-Amen Verma


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