How to write a good story- #Inspiration II


Inspiration through our experiences:

Experiences are crucial part of our lives which affects every single thing around us. To write a story based on one’s experiences I think is good but not creative.

Since childhood we have experienced a lot. If we could possibly write on things we remember I guess it could produce many anthologies.

Though, story writing comes under the category of fiction. But writing on any experience is totally non-fictional. But there is a difference in getting inspired by an event then writing and wholly writing on an experience.

Nonetheless one can always relate those experiences and write about them. Few pointers are stated as:

  • Many writers get too comfortable to write on things that have happened but then there won’t be a room for creativity. There are many childhood memories which left some deep impact on our conscious. One can always get inspired from those visions and mould them to write. This way one can move ahead with a good story along with providing creativity its full essence.
  • There are some incidents which always leave you stuck or short happenings to bring a sweet smile on our face. Think about those incidents and make others smile through your stories.
  • Some even suggests that you should write about something which is known to you. Obviously, if we take up an example where a boy lived in a village and never been to a city. For him to write about city and its experiences is quite difficult but challenging at the same time. I think one must even write about things they don’t know or have experienced.
  • Though it won’t help in writing a story. On the contrary it will give their brains “an air of imagination”. This will help them generate new visions, imaginary things and certainly leading to write a fictional short story.

This brings to the “What if” scenario. A person who really wants to write or create should always take this under consideration. Force your mind and squeeze it like a lemon as “what would happen if this will take place”.

Let me state an example: We have always contributed towards a fact that one day Aliens would actually come to our beautiful Earth. So turn this upside down. “What if we go and hamper their life on their planet”. I know this in a way has also been displayed. But my point was to strike your core and instigate.

I wish for now this catalyst would work for you all. We all write and build stories in one or the other way point is how many of us are willing to share them. I am sharing mine, will you?

–Aman Verma


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