How to write a good story

Everyone is a story teller it just takes an imagination to be inked on the sheet consistently”

How to write a good story

A. Inspiration:

  1. Getting Inspiration by the world around or the surroundings:

To write a good story isn’t a child’s play. It is not easy as to pluck a fruit from a tree. One has to be aware and curious about the surroundings as to say what all is happening. Let the world inspire you to achieve a good theme or topic for your story.

 You may even want to talk to others and listen to their ideas as well. As this exercise might further help you to understand the surroundings. This way you won’t just base your story on single opinion. I personally think that in order to understand audience one must regularly interact with them.

 It is not easy to always head into details. There are some pointers gathered which would definitely lead you to write a good story:

  •  See character traits- This will surely help you to understand the theme you want for your story. Observe the people around, maybe your neighbor is habitual about something. Maybe your brother falls from the bed every morning. Someone might have a geek personality. You must try to understand the inner personality of a person to build characters for a story.
  • Attend to surroundings- This is what the whole section is all about. Sometimes when one takes a break from a day try and search around. Go for a walk or sit in a park. For people in Delhi Metro is the best tree to observe. Ponder over thilisteningngs, be more inquisitive as to why this happened or where did this come from?
  • Listen to others: Focus on the words of others when they talk. Just a single word or sentence heard can inspire you to write a whole story. Might be possible that you hear someone saying “this will be our last walk on this earth together” or “you demon don’t crawl”.
  • Read a lot: Reading is the most basic exercise which will help you gain anything. This will increase your knowledge base and further will provide you with lovely ideas which might inspire others as well. There are many such examples where a writer get inspired by the content of others as Chinua Achebe titled his novel ‘Things Fall Apart’ after the line of poem ‘The Second Coming’ by W.B Yeats.

 read a lot

This content would surely help you gain inspiration and in reality the title for your stories. For me story writing is an art just like martial arts it too requires a lot from a person. Hard work, concentration, focus, determination will start your art but to proceed one must apply all this in the exercises mentioned clearly.

-Aman Verma


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