Being a writer

Being a writer - cover

We usually misinterpret when there is a discussion about a ‘writer’. Reason is not well defined but I will answer this doubt as we gradually moves towards the end of this blog. Everyone today writes something or the other. In general we all are writers.

But to talk specifically one “who breathes words” is a writer. It doesn’t matter if he/she is a poet, novelist or content writer if doesn’t understand and feels what he/she writes.

People generally think a writer will be somewhat different from them. I guess their vision is “writer might be having horns on his head or would be like alien in appearance. Shabby, loose clothes and one thing or the other.” But let me put this crystal clear a writer is not at all like that.

That person is a normal person like everybody in every context. The only difference s the one understood only by a writer and which leaves the others perplexed. Writer uses the observation power, introspect different things. Like it is said generally “every person observers and interpret a thing differently, it’s only how one uses or apply that observation”StoryMirror

To be a writer is very arduous in itself. There are certain responsibilities one has towards the society and some towards self. As obvious the work one writes or content one prepares is for the audience. There are groups within the audience whom are targeted by the writer. So he/she has to take care of content posted and written.

Simple if a book written by certain novelist doesn’t connect with the audience then what is the point of writing. If others cannot understand what a writer is trying to convey then it is waste.

The other part is for own. If a writer is passionate for the work then self-satisfaction is very crucial. Though it is lame to suggest that one can be fully satisfied but to a certain level “ writer must believe in their work”

Writer contains a whole world in itself, a life which everyone surely lives but he or she brings out a magic from it.

-Aman Verma


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