Reading helps you become a good writer

Every second person today considers themselves a writer or poet. More specifically after blogging emerged writing has become a child’s play. Mostly everyone blog on the field about which they are very passionate. But there is a saying “to write good one should read good”.

It is a well understood fact that reading is the epitome to write. As Samuel Johnson quoted “When a man writes from his own mind, he writes very rapidly. The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.” Therefore to write one must read as much as they can.

Reading helps you become a good writer

But then the question arrives that what one should read? It cannot be any abstract or random work. One must connect with the work and inspired by the content. So choosing is a bit difficult task but quite easy for the one who understands their direction.

Particularly for a fresh blogger he/she must follow some well established bloggers and read regularly. And in general for a writer he/she firstly must understand their strong zone. And we all know that our literature is very vast. Starting from short stories by renowned writers like Premchand towards our very own Rabindranath Tagore famous for ”Geetanjali” and novels like ‘Gora’ , ‘Home and the world’.

And modernist writers like T.S. Eliot can’t be forgotten as well. Other than literature and to diversify their knowledge for good content one must read different stuffs like newspapers, articles and magazines etc.

And would like to add lastly which is the most common exercise for every writer. Reading should be consistent and regular along with the writing part. One shouldn’t lag behind on important updates and article. For me personally one should read daily but not the same stuff. And on the back hand one novel or any book must be accepted. This basic exercise will definitely advance your reading and writing skills.

-Aman Verma



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