Few Ways for audience engagement

Few Ways for audience engagement

Content of any work (article or blog) is very crucial to attract audience. But how the content must be stated, techniques which can be applied to the content and other things are crucial as well. Good content is the starting point of any work but to end it well there are some other things to be considered as well in order to get audience.

One of the basic aspect to be considered is ‘Objective’. The objective of any work should be very clear. Further objective should be clear in the beginning paragraph. The Headline should clearly state the crux of your work. Introductions shouldn’t be long and boring and same with the whole article in general. The readers should be clear with the idea from the very beginning.

‘Audience’, for whom the whole work is portrayed. This already states the idea ‘your work should serve your reader’. Yes, you must be wondering that this is the whole idea of this blog. So i am putting forward that your work should serve some purpose. The readers should get some information or some other help through your work. The work should offer some value.

‘Structure’ is another important tool to help making a good article and engage readers. Structure or outline of any work should be well defined. It keeps your work intact and meaning very clear. Structure is further divided:

  • Visual- It makes content visually attractive. So a reader for once will look at it and read. Few visual techniques which can be used are:
  1. Pictures
  2. Keywords
  3. Short sentences and paragraphs
  4. Headline
  5. Keywords and bullet points
  • Rational- It contains the research and thinking over the topic. It is not combining few thoughts rather logically placed and stated.

Most of us get confused while ending the article. Let me tell you imagesconclusion is equally important as the beginning. People generally start of well but then kill the ending ruthlessly.
The point you started or idea you generated and carried forward must be given a conclusion so that readers get satisfied.

The difference between a ‘good content’ and ‘engaging content’ should be understood. Good content will be appreciating and might leave the readers happy. On the other hand engaging content will put up questions. The audience will try to find answers and in one way or the other they will be compelled to comment on it.

These few techniques and strategies will definitely help you in attracting audience. But this isn’t just the end. There are many other aspects to be treated as well. And we will keep sharing these information and knowledge with you.

–Aman Verma



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