How to become a good writer?

How to become a good writer- 10 Dec

Everyone wants to be a good writer but how? A writer tries to be unique or different but this is last step to know one’s USP. Then what is step zero?

One of the great writers of pre-romantic age Samuel Johnson has stated “The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book”. This will clear most of your misconceptions about writing a good work.

Reading is the dominant and most salient feature to become a good writer. A person on an average reads 5-7 books in one year. It is good if you complete one book in 1 month but just imagine if a person could complete 1 book every day. Well I’m personally trying to reach this flow.

become a good writer 10 DecTo become a good writer and successful writer one doesn’t has to only read books and literary stuff but also different articles and be aware about the happenings around. ‘Curiosity’ is another key to be a well established writer. If one is curious to know different things, understand and even take criticisms of others then that budding writer is really on the right path.

Every writer thinks he/she is great or excellent but actually they are not. Don’t be proud or arrogant because that might land you up in the world of unknown. The one thing they lack is direction. A new writer is raw, with fresh ideas, new style but direction is something a writer lacks. And to be successful direction is must along with discipline.

become a good writer- 10 Decbecome a good writer1Well of course practice is crucial as well. But practice is vain if it is not in the right direction. It could be a small thought or an excerpt but a writer must practice daily and try to achieve direction. The soul of any content must be clear and effective. And no matter what happens just have patience and if you don’t have it just try until you procure it. You might have to throw away your content or scratch it many times but don’t lose your vision. Be focused and as there is a saying “ your patience and right direction will make the thought to end up your way”

–Aman Verma


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