How to be a good blogger?

How to be a good blogger

Initially everyone is a reader and then some becomes writer. So in order to be a good blogger one has to understand first the requirements of a reader (audience). What exactly a reader wants? If one can connect to their audience he or she will be successful blogger. This is not just for the bloggers but for any writer.

The objective of the blog should be clear. Subject must be decided in early stages so that the writer be focused and do not lose the track.

Moving towards the organization of the content one must keep making notes on their subjects. It can be done at any place or time. The Writer can make a good use of technology such as making notes in mobile phones or typernotepad. As today any writer or blogger doesn’t require a pen and paper. Along with jotting down notes one must write daily to be in practice. Because practice will make him a good blogger.

To write any content one has to put lot of efforts in thinking. Therefore, brain storming very important. Subject should be embedded in writer’s consciousness.

Another aspect which turns up is language. Active language should be used in a blog. Passive language usually makes it difficult for the reader to understand. I think one must use short sentences. Further paragraphs should not be more than four to five lines. Long paragraphs are difficult to understand and comprehend. Use of keywords also makes the blog attain good rank.

how-to-write-a-good-blog-postFor a fresh blogger it is very important to prepare a draft of his blog. One must write the best they can. Then blogger should leave the work for some time. This will enable him to come up with fresh potential and ideas.

Last but not the least for any good blogger or writer it is very important read. Reading will increase their knowledge and evolve their mind even skills to write better. A fresh blogger should regularly read the work of successful blogger in order to attain that level. And there are infinite number of texts, work etc, already present which truly can provide and writer or reader vast amount of knowledge.


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